Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lips Like Sugar

Every day I awaken to the painful reality of a vanishing fantasy. Visions of you and your angelic face are set adrift in the mists of my mind as I wait to succumb once again to your exotic charms.
Darkness encompasses my thoughts; I feel you. 
Your mouth on my neck feverishly; vampiric fantasies.

I want you.

I draw your mouth to mine and pull your lithe body against me. I am lost in dreams of softly kissing those sweet lips. 
Lips like sugar. 
Lips that have ravaged my body and made me ache for so much more.

Your muscles flex against me; within me. 
Your force consuming me, drowning me, taking me until there is nothing left…

I want you.

Your hands hold my wrists; I writhe in your grasp. 
You like that more than you are willing to admit. 
I know that you do.

Your intensity crushes into me, soothing me, subduing me, and yet awakening my eternal hunger for you again. And I am here, just for you. Every night.
You have exhausted my will to call it your own.

And I want you.

©2011 Garden Summerland

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