Saturday, May 7, 2011


I searched for you today in a hundred different faces.
But none of them were you.
You are lost to me.
Lost forever in my fantasied obsession.

Your words burn into my mind with fire & electricity,
And your innocent passion engulfs my heart.
Your face is as bright as the morning sun,
your smile a beacon of hope.

I have longed to hear your thoughts
And the poetry that escapes your lips,
Those lips I long to kiss.

For just a moment in time, I believed that you were mine.
But it was only an enticing distraction.
Daydreams that play out in my mind as I hear your words inside my head;
Speaking volumes to my soul that cries out in vain.

You are where the ocean meets the sky.
You are the moment that light crosses into darkness.
You are a precious memory,
Locked away inside my heart.

I hunger for your unrestrained prose
And I hear your voice again.
It is just a whisper.
A faint beckoning that beguiles me.

I would burn in hell just to touch you once.
But then, I am there already without you.

© Garden Summerland 2011

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