Sunday, May 29, 2011


I licked his lips; he tasted like salt and our night of erotic play. 
“Good morning.” I whispered and moved against him, pulling his body closer to mine. He was still half asleep as he kissed me deeply and we replayed the passion of the night before, again and again. I could never get enough of him.

Now he was exhausted. I watched him as he slept peacefully; trying to permanently impress this moment into my mind. In just a few short hours, I would be gone. They would come for me. And I would have no choice but to leave. I would have to say good -bye. For a very long time, if not forever. He was the only happiness I had ever known.

I had run away. I could no longer live their duplicitous lifestyle. I was torn between the miserable solitude of life everlasting, and the essence of his purity that ran through my veins. Last night, I made a choice. And even though I knew that it would change nothing, I renounced them. At least now they knew where my loyalties lie. I had come to him, and I had loved him all night. I wanted to make it last forever. But was almost over. They had given me 24 hours. And I had laughed at them. They couldn't take me away from him now. Or could they? I fought the painful truth as I watched him dream. I stroked his hair, bestowing ethereal visions of the two of us in ecstasy. He smiled. And as he made love to me in his dreams, they were coming for me.
I cried.

He didn't even know. He thought I had come back for good. When he awakened, I would be long gone, and he would think it had all been a dream. They would take care of that at least. Spare him the pain.
I would not be so lucky. They would make certain that I felt pain. Excruciating mental anguish for eons to come, oh yes, I would be made to suffer. They would make an example out of me. The one that tried to leave them. And for what?

There were quite a few perks that came with our way of life. But freedom had never been one of them. Kind with kind; that was their law. And I had broken it. I had fallen in love with him; a mere boy. I was old enough to be his great grandmother. Something else he would never know, because I didn't look a day over 21.

He stirred & sleepily opened his eyes... my charms could not hold him, he felt my emotions as though they were his own. I looked into his sweet hazel eyes and felt his soul stirring with fervid desire.
Tears flowed freely from my eyes and I begged them; screaming at them in my head... please, please don't take me back.

He was smiling as I felt them pulling me away. I fought them as I bent down to kiss him one last time. My lips touched his and for a moment, we were in his dreams... ecstasy like I had never known. He cried with me and then he laughed.
He was my soul. 

©2011 Garden Summerland


  1. Wow, that was awesome. Please tell me it's somewhere I can purchase in it's entirety.

  2. Awww... I'm sorry, this was just something I wrote for the blog!! Thank you so very much, that gives me so much encouragement! And I really appreciate you taking time to read it!

  3. I always check here to see what's new that you have posted... I love reading your 'shorts' on your blog!

  4. Thank you Julie!! Love that you check in here~ I appreciate your continued readership!! :)