Monday, June 6, 2011


I cannot get your memory out of my head.
The harder I try, the deeper you become embedded into my heart.
My tears flow easily as I question what I have done to make you go away.
You never even gave me a chance.

Never a chance to show you what was inside my heart.
Dare I say it?
No not ever.
And now you have gone away. You will never know.

With every tear I cry, a little more of my love is lost on you.
I wish I were with you now;
Stroking your hair and lying with you on your bed.
Laying my head against your chest,
And listening to your heart beat.

Instead, I cry; because I know that will never happen.
We are in two different worlds that will never meet.
My only solace is that you never knew how I felt.
You were spared the burden of my imagined passions;
And now you are gone.

You shattered me into little tiny pieces;
Blind to the truth that rips my heart into shreds.
I still cry for you every night;
Futile cries in the dark, because you can never be mine.

I grieve for you now in poetic verse,
my words falling upon deaf ears;
Because you are gone.
©2011 Garden Summerland 

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