Tuesday, June 28, 2011


With impassioned desire and an unfathomable ache, I wait for you.
How long must I suffer? I close my eyes and at last I feel your touch.
Gentle at first, your hands everywhere upon my bare flesh as I give myself unreservedly to you.

I recall the innocent pleasure of your mouth upon mine; as I become lost again in the solace of your momentary abandon. Your mouth is on fire, tearing me apart and filling my very soul with searing flames I cannot extinguish. I pine for you, willing to sacrifice the essence of my being for that one unrestrained touch as your devotion envelops me, soothing my distress. 
I miss you.

Tonight my love, you will come to me again; for when I close my eyes, you are mine. I have chained myself to the faith of our never-ending desire. Unable to stop the deluge of thoughts you have created within me; You are my insatiable desire. I will wait and I will endure, I must because it is all that I have left of you. And yet, I will awaken once more, alone in my bed; tasting the sweetness of your love on my lips.

These are the thoughts I have of you night and day; thoughts that are ripping me apart. Chipping away at my sanity. I cannot escape them, it has become who I am. Waiting, always waiting for you. 
As long as it takes.

©2011 Garden Summerland


  1. This is beautiful, even though I feel slightly voyeuristic. The emotions flow from you fingers so delicately

  2. Thank you again!! Your words are very kind. :)