Saturday, July 2, 2011

Secret Smile

You have given me a secret smile.
It is the hope that I cling to on my lonely journey; the life I live without you.

This is my remembrance of you; your charming manner and your delightful sensitivity, the soothing comfort in which you indulge me. I miss you and I wonder if you will ever return.

These endless trials of solitude and the sleepy late night embraces of the mind are my dreams that fade to gray and then back again. I slumber and yet I am wide-awake, dreaming and then not. I imagine your sweet mouth, burning upon mine and I long for the pleasure of your kisses. I feel your hot breath against my neck, it makes me smile.
My secret smile.

I recall your brilliant words cascading over my doubt, my loss, my sanity. I know that you must return to me; my love, my heart, my soul.
You are here every night in my dreams; as I awaken with a smile.

We will always be together; somewhere~ in my daydreams and in nightly visions, in fantasy and fairy tales. And I will always have the smile you have given me.

I imagine you now; you have come to me in the night. Your eyes sparkle in the darkness, and your pale skin is luminescent in the moonlight that filters through a stained glass window beneath a blackened sky. You are beautiful; and I will love you.

Right now, somewhere far from me, I know you smile; your secret smile.
Our secret smile.


  1. Your words gave me chills. Wonderful

  2. Thank you so much. I am glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Thank you, interesting blog...
    i give it 100/100 :)