Thursday, July 14, 2011

Soul Kiss

I imagine your lips, those sweet sweet honey lips that I have kissed before; over and over again in every imaginable erotic scenario. I want to reside forever inside the warmth and pleasure of your mouth; embracing your slow and succulent, long burning hell-fire kisses even as they send shards of ice through my veins because I cannot have you. Because I will never have you.

I relinquish my will to you, surrendering to this overpowering obsession, if but for one more, just one more moment of the searing ecstasy of your mouth upon mine... imagined kisses that burn up the stars in my eyes, and briefly extinguish the agony of my soul.

I dream of your mouth, methodically devouring mine, and it freezes my blood stone cold and turns my heart inside out as I beg for you; pleading softly, incessantly for one more touch as the darkness of the night colors soundlessly into day.

I awaken~ aching from holding you in my arms, my body burned and depleted of every ounce of resistance.... I have given everything for you, and still I awaken alone.

I sob uncontrollably. In the middle of the day I scream out your name to an empty existence; I love you.
Please come to me.... I will fulfill your every want; I will quench every carnal desire you could every possibly fathom. I will worship you, and you will fall to me, fall for me, fall with me. You are the pinnacle of my desire, the angel inside the marble; I want you.

I look at your face and everything is beautifully mirrored from inside of myself.... purity and honesty and the unbridled passion of eons of time surpassed only by the fervent aspirations that your lips ignite against mine.

All of this for a kiss; for your kiss. Sweet lips lighting an eternal flame; a soul kiss.

©2011 Garden Summerland

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