Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cruel Dreams

I felt you last night.
Your bare skin against mine, your hands searching my body;
Accepting your release as I surrendered my soul to you.
Once again your lips ravaging every inch of me;
an insurmountable desire coursing through your veins.
This unstoppable need that devours your will;
A need only satiated within the sanctuary of my devotion.

You came to me;
Alone and wanting.
Endless pleasures awaiting you;
Ones you will not, and cannot deny any longer.
You feel my intense passion raging inside your heart;
I am a relentless hunger, burning into you.

You felt me last night.
My naked skin against yours, my hands searching your body.
You have surrendered your soul to my wants, to satisfy my every desire;
As you revel in the transcendent ecstasy of my touch,
and the slow tender kisses that set the very essence of your being on fire.

My dreams have brought you to me, and then taken you away.
I have endured lifetimes across miles of time and space;
Only to suffer again, as I am left waiting for you.
Forever; for you.
Always you. 

©2011 Garden Summerland

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