Sunday, April 24, 2011


I thought of you today.
Because I heard your name.
It hurt me; just like you used to.
I miss it.

It was all a game to you.
It still is.
I wait, and you don't come.
It makes you smile.
And I cry.

So long ago, yet it seems like today.
Where are you now?
I've no one to play with anymore.
All this pain you inflict.
Are you really unaware?

I am caught.
Smothered by an inescapable torment.
Because I have dared to love you.
And you didn't feel a thing.
You carry on with your life.
And I suffer in silence.
No one can ever know.

These childish things I have put behind me.
Or so they thought.
I smile and they think I am happy.
But I never knew you at all.
Only the pain I received from your laughter.
And now it has all gone away.
Even the pain.
Until... today.

©2011 Garden Summerland

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