Sunday, April 10, 2011

Drive By

Waiting at the stop sign.
You turned left into my street.
It was only for a second…or was it?
Time suspended in slow motion, your eyes locked into mine.
I wondered.
How long has it been? Days, weeks… a year maybe?
Do I know you? Have I ever?

We lived a life time in those seconds; the promise of an infinite future in your eyes.
Or at least an afternoon;
a rainy afternoon, filled with intense passion
I remember it all.

You were exquisite; sensitive and kind.
You held me, and time stood still. Just like right now.
We shared an eternity in the flash of a split second; but now you have passed right by me.
And you are gone.

A predestined meeting at a stop sign.
I waited for traffic; suspended in a moment; for love, for you.
A glitch in time so fleeting and yet I felt your everlasting devotion in my soul, once again, and I thought it would last forever.
But then you were gone.

I don’t even know you. Not then and certainly not now.
The traffic moves on.

What was your name? Did I know it?
I have forgotten it already.
But I will never forget the way that you touched me.
Drive by ecstasy.
That’s what you were and always will be.
That, I shall not soon forget.

©2011 Garden Summerland

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