Friday, April 15, 2011

Dream Lover

I am alone against the night. I close my eyes and I see us together, as we once were, not so very long ago.

The open windows are enshrouded in white lace that dances as the breeze flows through, bringing the scent of honeysuckle to tantalize my memory.
The balmy evening air caresses my cool damp skin as  I lie on the bed intently awaiting your return. Dreams no longer sustaining, I cry out for you into darkness; a lone soul existing in another dimension, wholly for the purpose of your pleasures.

My pleas fall on deaf ears as you disappear into my mind once again; the shadow of your denial envelopes my desires and intensifies my want for your total consummation.

I am bound.

Tears flowing from my heart into a vast aching river of need, I open myself totally to this edifying illusion which surpasses every indulgence of our physical selves.

Suddenly, I feel your mouth against mine. Am I dreaming?

I must have you again. Just once.

My encompassing need is grievous within your unwillingness to satisfy my hunger. And yet, here you are again...encouraging my lust and perpetuating my never-ending desire.
But your will desecrates my worshipful intentions; and you leave me again.

You really are cruel.

There is no solace without the sustenance of your ardor.

©2011 Garden Summerland

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