Monday, April 18, 2011

Lost II

There is a secret passageway inside my mind.
You take me there every night. It is a door to another world.
A dream land of ecstasy in your arms; and I cannot find it alone.

I am lost and without you I will never find it again.
You have been the only one to unlock my secrets.
We must find it again.
Search with me and love me.
I am lost in my mind with you.
I close my eyes and feel your caress, your lips brushing against my skin, taking my breath and searing my soul.

I am so weak.

Hold me. Hold me tightly, crushing me against you... so much until I can no longer breathe.
An image of your face is burned into my mind; your voice echoes in my head, & your hands touch my heart.

Kiss me.
Consume me.... as you already have; to the point of no return.
I am lost with you.
I am lost without you.
©2011 Garden Summerland

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