Friday, June 10, 2011


He was playing games with her, and she didn't like being toyed with.
It hurt her. And made her cry. But she couldn't stay away from him. He possessed her.

He wasn't naïve. He knew he was playing with her emotions. Baiting her mind, throwing her bits and pieces of his attention and then taking them away for days and days. It was cruel.

But he was cruel. And he enjoyed it; the way she lived her life tortured day and night, waiting. Waiting for the brilliant poetic verse that flowed from his lips. His lips that drove her mad with desire. She dreamed of kissing him; tasting him, licking his skin.
Every night.

Then without warning, he would come to her; and night after night he was in her bed. Exhausting her body, and dominating her mind until she was completely consumed by his savage lust.
He was divine. Unlike anything she had ever known. And then he was gone. Disappearing for days on end. Until he wanted her.

She became frantic for him. And just when she had given up hope, he would come to her again, gracing her with his god like presence. Soothing her and satisfying desires she never realized she had.
She worshiped him and he used her. But she didn't care. It gave her endless pleasure to serve him. It was all that she craved; just to see him smile.
And smile he did. 

©2011 Garden Summerland 


  1. I really enjoyed this, and thought it was very well written. I thought the short, snappy sentences contrasting with the longer, more descriptive one's was very effective - you use this very well in almost everything you write. Well done!

  2. Thank you, your feedback means a lot. I think in short snappy sentences. The descriptive always feels like a narrative thing... And your comments are most appreciated.