Monday, March 28, 2011

Raison d'être

In a timeless divine realm of pure unconditional love and unsurpassed passion, she allowed him inside her soul.
She could not fathom the depth of control he had over her, commanding her with his masterful tone, and soothing her broken spirit with the soft touch of his hands.
Consumed with an endless worship of his flesh, she could not exist without him.
His very presence allowed her being, in darkness and in light... he had become both to her.
Something within her craved this tireless servitude of his every desire.
She was never left wanting, he freed her passions, setting her soul ablaze as he moved hard against her, saturating her flesh with slow burning kisses, as she begged him for mercy.

She was unable to resist him; it had always been this way, and he so enjoyed the knowledge that he could never be denied.
His hands held her face as she opened herself to him, body and mind, inviting him to live within, no boundaries and no limits.
She had long ago accepted that pleasuring him had become her raison d'etre; the fire that burned within, an inextinguishable flame engulfing her every thought, until she was no more. It would always be this way.
She stripped away his shirt, pulling him to her breast, bare skin against bare skin.
His hands once again in her hair, guiding her head down… her lips tasting his sweat, never fulfilling their kisses, down… down…
She looked up at him from her position of subservience, waiting…. His eyes pouring over her body, his hands never relinquishing their hold of her hair… but again, he was only teasing her.
He knelt beside her, and kissed her softly, his hands now traveling the course of her body, holding her neck, cupping her breasts, massaging her sides, and down...down… 
She begged him. But was it to stop, or for more?
He laid her back against the pillows on the floor, he would show her love like she had never known.
He was gentle, and then rough, his kisses softer and softer before turning into uncontrollable savagery upon her flesh.
 She loved him.

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