Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I whisper your name. But I want to scream it.
You turn in the darkness, your face barely discernible, as  my eyes try to focus. I touch your face, your beautiful face, as I trace those pouty lips that I so long to kiss. I hold you for a moment, my hands gently stroking your hair.
Did you know that I have traded the very essence of my being to be with you just this once?
All has been forsakened for this one moment in time. This fleeting moment of ecstasy that will fade as soon as I open my eyes. And I have willingly given up everything.
Everything all for you.
And now I am broken. Fractured like the nightly visions that I have of the two of us escaping into a wild night.
And where are you now? So far from me & yet all I need do is to close my eyes and you will appear before me. As sleep beckons and I lose myself in a new reality; where the darkness can consume us both; and hide the transgressions of our pasts.
My dreams of you are like broken glass reflecting fractured visions of the darkest desires in my heart.

©2011 Garden Summerland

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