Thursday, March 17, 2011


 My soul has been stripped bare, as once again I am forced to confront the very real possibility of life without you.  Is it over before it has even begun?

Where are you my love?
It appears as though you have forsaken me. Unknowingly, perhaps.
But that doesn’t make it hurt any less. And it is in fact, that particular detail, that makes it hurt even worse.

In my impassioned thoughts, you are alone in your bed, tossing and turning, aching for relief from the dreams of anguish and frustration that pursue you each night.  I know, for these same demons haunt me as well.

You awaken in a cold sweat,  and you are not alone. But you are lonely, and you don’t even realize why. Something is wrong my beloved. And I know that you can feel it deep in your soul. Every time you close your eyes, you are searching for me.
But I am lost to you. Possibly lost forever.

Sometimes I cry; and you feel sad.
Like today.
An overwhelming sadness crept into your heart. And you don’t even know why.
Something is missing. And you have tried desperately to replace it with something else. To replace me with someone else.
But it’s a mistake.

And now it is too late.
Too late for you.
And too late for us.

©2011 Garden Summerland

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