Saturday, March 19, 2011


We are out of breath and soaked with sweat,  as dawn breaks and the end of another passion filled night draws to a close.
My lover.
My dream lover. A fantasy I’ve created & brought to life.
And now you will disappear, until the darkness returns again.
The nightfall and the black corners of my mind, overshadowing any sense of reality; becoming my reality.

Your cruel blistering touch, elicits deep yearning for a love that cannot be mine. Can never truly be mine.
But, I have created you.

Or perhaps, as I am beginning to understand, you have created me.
You have made me into a vessel of longing.
A vessel of acceptance of anything you are willing to give.

I crave perpetual sleep, so you will be with me always.
When will you put an end to my everlasting pain?
How long will you allow my suffering?
Alone every day, and consumed every night.

Sometimes it makes me hate you.
Cursing you until your mouth is upon mine, suffocating me with your brand of love.
Your consummation and your obsession.
Commanding my desire and making me want you.
I have no escape.

I am begging you once again not to leave me.
Please don't abandon me again.
I have nothing.
I am nothing.
You have made me into everything that you need.
My blood pumps for you now, and you create me again; every night.

I live for you.
No… I exist for you.
You carve me out of nothingness.

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  1. Ok, that was.....AWESOME! :) Love your style and imagination!