Monday, January 17, 2011

A Byrne Priest?

As always, a mysterious mist wafts through the scenario...and I am lost. Searching for someone, or something, I am unsure. Maybe it is both.

I am in a long dark corridor; men in black clothes brushing against me to get past. A deep low chanting beckons me forward, pulling me into a small chamber. I push hard against the heavy timber door, shutting out the throng of dark clad ministers, and coming face to face with a pale faced youth of about 12.

My quest has become clear, this spectral child is a magical being, who presents me with very high heeled shoes. With whispered words I do not understand, he enchants my feet, and the shoes are placed upon them.

Ever so slightly, a wind blows through the room & he is gone. Something compels me to search the room for boots... flat boots that I can run in. Run away in.

The massive wooden door slowly creaks open, and a man in a priests outfit enters... it is Gabriel Byrne.

He warns me against taking off the magical heels in exchange for low heeled boots, and is pleased when he finds that I have embraced the heels & come out wearing them with white lace socks.
He smiles and tells me I have made the right choice.

The mysterious mist consumes all and I awaken. 


  1. I do too, but haven't thought of him in ages... wonder where this all came from?? Spooky!