Saturday, January 12, 2013

Micro Fiction Challenge II

In my last blog post, I ventured for the very first time into "micro-fiction" with a story of exactly 50 words, entitled "Lies". And although I am accustomed to writing much longer pieces, albeit still very short stories, I could not resist the temptation to have one more go at story-telling in such a severely abridged form. I am not saying this is my last micro-fiction for this blog, it is just my latest.

So here it is, a story with a word count on the higher end of the micro-fiction spectrum; it comes in at exactly 300 words. I hope you enjoy it. 

 The Last Weekend

Snow fell in soft clumps onto the mountain road as cars came to a gradual stand still. Inside, Andie shivered as she wiped the moisture from the cabin window and watched the last of the guests packing their bags into massive SUV's. She and Kevin were always the last ones to leave, even after the kitchen staff. She would do the linens, the vacuuming, and set everything up for the next weekend. Kevin would secure the out buildings and police the grounds, locking up snowmobiles and ski equipment. Afterward, he would come in cold and hungry. She knew he would be in no hurry to join the others departing back to the city; he hated it there, he was a country boy at heart. He had no one waiting for him back at home, and even though she did, she wasn't particularly eager to leave either.

Finally the traffic began to dissipate. She heaved a sigh of relief as the tail lights of the last car faded into the distance. She turned to ask Kevin if he'd like to stay for the night, when suddenly he leapt from behind her and held a knife held to her throat as his other arm slid around her waist.

She tried to scream, but nothing came out. They were all alone; there was no one to save her. He dragged her over in front of the fireplace and shoved her down. She was shaking with fear and anticipation. He paced back and forth in front of her, waving the knife wildly in the air.

Andie sobbed uncontrollably.

"Why? Kevin...why are you doing this?"

He picked up an envelope from the coffee table. He opened it and fanned out the money inside.

"Your husband is very wealthy Andie. And I intend on earning this."

©2013 Garden Summerland
Pictures via Flickr ~ The Library of Congress & Keene and Cheshire County Historical