Thursday, October 6, 2011

Guilty Little Secret

You are my guilty little secret;
a love that I must keep to myself.
You come to me each night inside my mind.
I hold your face and look into your eyes;
those beautiful soulful green eyes.

I kiss your lips and then your neck, and
you moan softly as I gently bite into you.
Then my lips seek out your mouth again
and I become lost in a new reality.
Shhhh, no one must ever know.

Your body is pressed against mine;
and I am aflame with desire as you take me again.
Night after night, I envision your lithe frame,
holding me & loving me, in our secret paradise.
You have kissed a smile upon my lips.

Every night while you sleep
I hold you near, my clandestine lover.
As you slumber unawares, I ache for your return.
Then you come to me; pleasures
beyond your imagination and they will never end.

Each time I close my eyes, you are there;
Waiting to spend a lifetime in my arms.
I long for those moments;
creating a world where I have you all to myself.
You are the smile on my face when no one is around.

I sit and hold your antiqued photograph to my breast,
your handsome face, perfect in every detail.
How I long to feel the hotness of your mouth upon mine.
But my want for you can never be known.
You will always be, my guilty little secret.

©2011 Garden Summerland