Thursday, August 4, 2011

Splendor in the Rain

As darkness falls, I close my eyes and wait for the vision to come to me again; my sweet clandestine lover. You have always remained mysterious, but I know you now. And I know your name; I speak it every day. I whisper my love to you, and I know that you hear me.
I dream of making love to you in the rain; a fantasy I entertain even in my waking hours. Now we are alone together at last, wandering in the dense green of a charming storybook forest.
We become lost. Lost and yet found, as I have imagined every detail a hundred times. Our wet clothes fall away with each step deeper into the cover of the woods; we are hidden even as our passions are uncovered.
Your dark hair is soaked and sticking to your face, your mouth devouring mine as the ice cold rain cascades over us, cutting through the hot air & burning our naked skin.
You are on top of me on the ground, your lustful endeavor welcomed with no resistance; I cannot breathe. Your mouth is heavy upon mine, the pouring rain is drowning me and your love smothering me until I can no longer think. Dominated by your desires, I scream out your name in the uncontrolled ecstasy of our consummation.
I love you.
We lay together upon a blanket of soft wet leaves and velvety moss, the splendor of our passion enveloping us in delighted contentment.
I open my eyes and look out my bedroom window. It is raining and I whisper your name.
©2011 Garden Summerland

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