Friday, December 10, 2021

Running Away


I heard laughter. Not just laughter, it was a giggle. They were in his office.
I'd brought him lunch; his favorite from the diner across the street.

I silently walked to the end of the hall and nudged open the door.
Waves of tousled blond hair bobbed behind the desk. He was sitting with his head tilted back and his eyes closed. The leather executive chair I'd bought him when he'd leased the office strategically positioned to shield their illicit activity.

I waited. A moment later, he felt my presence. He opened his eyes as he turned his head towards me. He pushed her away and sprang to his feet in one fell swoop. It was almost comical.
“It's not what it looks like.” He stammered, straightening his clothes.
“Oh, I think it is exactly what it looks like.” I stared him down. He'd been caught.
“Please, I just... I missed you, and I...she means nothing.”
Why did he have to say that? Surely she meant something.
“Zip your pants.” It sounded cold, a command devoid of emotion.
I turned to leave but he grabbed my arm and swung me around. I dropped his lunch, and tried to pull away but lost my balance and fell forward into him. I was furious.
He held me. My skin flushed and the room seemed to go dim.
I waited for him to kiss me but he didn't. I wanted him to kiss me, I wanted him to love me again. Crazy thoughts swirled in my head, he held me tighter.
“I won't let you go.” he whispered into my ear.
“Ahem.” She cleared her throat.
I'd forgotten there was someone else there. I'd seen her before, but never thought twice about it. Another lawyer's wife, or girlfriend; something.
I felt stupid, and tricked. He'd done it again. But this was the last time.
I wrenched myself from his grip.
“You won't see me again.”
He called after me, but didn't follow.
I started running and didn't look back.
After that day, I'd continued to run. All through my life, away from people. Away from him. Always away from him. I would find a little of him in every man I would ever date. And I would always run away before they could hurt me too.
I would never recover, never heal. I'd loved him and he'd betrayed me. Changed me.
But I would make damn certain that it would never happen again.
Unknowingly, he had created a simple solution to every problem I'd ever have.

Just keep running away.

© LolaAutry 2021

Photo cred: itsajoop

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