Friday, May 18, 2012


Emma never expected him to care. And then he did. He left her speechless when he said those words. And then he left; he left her alone to puzzle over his declaration of love, to over analyze it and pick it apart. He gave her time to rehearse her response over and over again inside her head. But then he left her waiting a little too long; and she never knew why. He disappeared from her life with no explanation; no phone call, no letter, no e-mail. He was just gone.

It seems just like yesterday, but it has been almost a year now. And deep down, she knows that he isn't coming back. She really never expected him to. It would have been too good to be true.
But even so, she had to be honest with herself; she knew that a small part of her would always be waiting for him to return. Always wondering what happened to him, and always replaying his words inside her head.

“I love you Emma.”

She still wonders if maybe, just maybe...he sits and ponders her words; the words that she still writes for him every day. She wonders if he reads her blog, and the poetry that pours from her memories of the conversations between their souls.
Or perhaps he has forgotten about her, and the words he spoke just once so very long ago.
She will never forget them. And she will never forget him.

It seems silly to even think it now, but she still loves him. And these are her words to him. 

©2012 Garden Summerland

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